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Wealth Creation Services

When it comes to wealth creation, small things add up to big values.

Brentnalls Wealth Creation Services focus on helping you accumulate and protect your wealth, with positive results for all. We’ll help you develop strategies that will work for you, both in the short term and the long term, as you strive to achieve financial security and independence for you, your family and your business.

It pays to look at the big picture.

At Brentnalls, we take a ‘total view’ approach to wealth creation – utilising our comprehensive selection of services, specifically designed to empower you to create and accumulate wealth, including:

  • Investment strategies for retirement - growing your nest egg 
  • Asset & wealth protection 
  • Estate planning including Powers of Attorney 
  • Succession planning including how to exit the business and help create a work/lifestyle balance by removing dependence on the business owner 
  • Superannuation strategies, including the the effective use your super to achievement your retirement goals 
  • Superannuation management and administration 
  • Managing your compliance obligations 
  • Tax minimisation 
  • Risk management 
  • Financial planning and advice with our strategic alliances 
  • Insurance strategies with our strategic alliances.

Building, protecting and transferring your wealth.

It’s surprising how many people work all their lives building and protecting their wealth with little thought about the transfer to family members at a later time. Estate planning can be an emotional process, which is possibly why so many people avoid or delay it.

At Brentnalls, our depth of experience in this area allows us to act as the common point of contact for all family members - sharing knowledge, ideas and different points of view, that otherwise may not be heard. We value input from all of the key stakeholders, so we can recommend the best possible outcome.

It’s not uncommon for people to think that their estate planning is under control, because they have discussed it with a lawyer. However, it’s critical that your estate is also protected financially – not just legally. As your trusted advisor, Brentnalls will approach your estate planning from a financial and commercial perspective, taking into account your long term business and personal goals, as well as any tax implications.

We can also help you: 

  • ease unnecessary stress on family members 
  • ensure all intended beneficiaries will benefit 
  • identify estate and non-estate assets and take into consideration the control of these non-estate assets 
  • reduce your tax.


Industry Focus

We have a deep understanding of the issues facing small to medium enterprises but we recognise that to be trusted business Advisors to our clients we also need to understand the industry you work in.


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